AC Service

Why do I need to service my car’s AC system?

The last thing anyone wants is for their cars air conditioning system to stop working when the summer heat hits. Not only does is it uncomfortable, but it can lead to a refrigerant leak which is not only harmful to the environment, but it can further damage your vehicle if it isn’t repaired. Let the experienced mechanics here at KC Automotive perform a thorough AC inspection and complete any associated repairs that are needed. Identifying issues early will save you both time and money.

Our automobile air conditioning performance checks, repairs, and services are handled by our trained technicians. Your car is in the right hands with our expert auto techs, they will thoroughly examine your cars AC system to check for any leaks or loss of performance. If we find any issues, we will provide you with a detailed estimate indicating the repairs needed to restore the AC system.

Our comprehensive vehicle AC service check consists of the following:

  • Visually inspects all AC components
  • System Pressure Check
  • Runs a performance test
  • Performs a system charge test
  • Performs a system control test
  • Performs a leak test using approved electronic leak detector and a leak detecting dye
  • Cleaning out the condenser fins
  • Replace/refill refrigerant as needed
  • Inspection and adjustment of drive tension belt
  • Check proper operation of control, blower motor and engine cooling fan

What are the signs of a broken car air conditioning system?

Some common signs that your cars air conditioning system may be broken or not working properly:

  • The AC blowing warm air
  • You hear loud or strange noises when the AC is on
  • The appearance of strange mildew like smells omitting from the AC vents
  • You have to refill your refrigerant often (this is a sign of a leak)

Schedule an appointment today with KC Automotive and have one of our technicians get your car’s AC system working properly and efficiently.