Is Your Car Winter Ready?

Is your car ready for winter?

When the season turns cold, you need to prepare your car for the uncertain wintry weather. You could break down due to ill preparedness, unchecked battery, air pressure or getting stuck with unsafe tires, frozen doors, or a frosty windshield or windows can make driving challenging and unsafe.

Before the cold arrives, get a battery test

When the low temps arrive do not want to wake up to a dead battery and avoidable delays to your day. That is why you should get your battery tested every summer or fall. The colder it is the slower the chemical reactions in your battery and if it is already weak battery can freeze at 32 degrees (F)

Coolant is for winter months too!

Yes, typically you hear about the importance of coolant during hotter months, but your engine requires coolant to keep it from overheating even when it is cold outside. No matter the temperature outside, your engine heats up while operating. If you have old coolant, it may have lost a bit of anti-freezing properties which will make for slushy coolant that cannot properly circulate through your engine.

Keep your doors from freezing up

To avoid those freezer locked doors apply white lithium grease or silicone spray to the weather stripping as a preventative measure. Using these sprays stops moisture from accumulating and freezing up.

Know how to clean a ‘winter’ windshield?

Aside from checking your wipers monthly for wear and tear, ensure that you have anti-freeze wiper fluid topped off before the winter arrives.

Salt damage defense

Snow and ice, oh my how it can completely corrode your paint job and any metal components. There are sealants that you can buy and apply yourself which can minimize acid damage from the salt, water, and cold. Professional car dealers may offer paint protection or ‘wrapping’ made of clear ceramic which are thicker and intended to protect the car for life. A very expensive option, but it gets the job done.

Tires for where you live

Most newer cars are already equipped with all season tires that can handle all types of weather. However, if you live in extreme winter, rainy season, high/low temperature zones or in mountainous areas you may require a type of tire specific to your needs.

Defog those frosty windows

When you and your passengers get in the car from the snowy cold, you are bringing in cold bodies with cold shoes, wet hair with moisture causing a fog which makes it impossible to drive with a clear view. With defrosters and a little patience, the fog should dissipate in a matter of time.