Keep Your Car on the Road This Winter

Winter is the most dangerous time to be stranded on the road. Whether it’s a dead battery, balding tires, frayed wipers, or a dirty oil filter wreaking havoc on your commute, being prepared and proactive during the winter months is vital to prevent an accident or unnecessary breakdown. Don’t forget to always have an emergency kit on hand with all your needs in case you have to leave your car or hang in for awhile


A battery is obviously important to start your vehicle and when it hits subzero, or below freezing temperatures, it must work even harder. That is why it is imperative that you check or have your battery checked or if it is more than 5 years old, it is a good idea to get a new replacement.


Colder months wear on your engine and motor oil thickens with dropping temperatures which adds an additional strain to the engine. That is why regular oil changes are especially important during winter. Check your manual or with your auto care technician about the best type of oil for your vehicle.


It is obvious but the importance of seeing where you are going when driving is non-negotiable.

When you wake to winter weather it is important to clear your windshield before leaving; this means you have a properly working defroster, ice scraper, and working wipers. In non-winter months, keeping a clean windshield is still important with debris, mud flying around therefore keep washer fluid filled and give your car a bath on occasion


Many drivers do not consider how frequently their windshield wipers need to be replaced depending on commutes and how often wipers are used. Regular driving in rainy or winter weather can degrade your wipers in as little as 6 months. Therefore, check for weak spots or fracturing on the rubber blade to evaluate if you need to buy new wipers and perhaps keep an extra on hand.


Checking your tire tread and air pressure before and during winter is important but depending on where you live and how often you drive you may want to consider all season or winter tires for areas that experience winter elements most of the year.