Winter Detailing Tips to Protect Your Car

With the fluctuation of temperatures, varying types of precipitation, and different treatments hit the roads in preparation for impending inclement weather – your car could take a hit. The cold, the ice, and the salt over time begin to degrade the paint and integrity of the exterior and interior components. Think about using these pro winter detailing tips for your car and reduce your chances of immediate damage or degradation over time.


Waxing your wheels and the shell of your car is the easiest way to prepare it for the winter season. The wax layer will keep dirt, snow, and other contaminants from building up and even from causing corrosion or rust. Your wheels experience vulnerability in the winter with the direct impact of anything accumulating on the road and need attention as well.


Either take your vehicle for regular washes at a local car wash or hand wash yourself to remove the build-up of salt, road debris, and other contaminants that could eat away at metal or paint. Don’t forget to have the undercarriage cleaned, this is just as important!


Many of us do not think of interior detailing as important, but the quality of the entire vehicle includes keeping the inside maintained. Again the build-up of salt, dirt, or anything tracked in from outside should be cleaned fairly often. Vacuuming once a week and shaking out carpets is recommended, especially during winter months.


Obviously, a clean windshield is vital for safe driving during a snow or ice storm since visibility is required. When you wake up to a storm, defrosting and cleaning your windshield is the priority, rushing out to the road when you’re late without proper clearing of your windshield is dangerous and could build up in the corners for an unsightly view. Using water and ice repellents will keep water rolling off the glass and not freeze. It should also push any external elements of the windshield as well.