Understanding Maintenance

Our team wants to ensure you are educated in your car’s maintenance. Keeping your car maintenance up to date can prolong your car’s lifespan. Protect your safety and bank account by setting reminders and understanding when your vehicle needs extra attention. Getting your car’s maintenance done is like scheduling medical or dental appointments to ensure your health. You want your vehicle to stay healthy throughout the year, so you don’t have any problems. We are here to help you understand how frequently you should contact your car’s staple maintenance.

Monthly Maintenance

These maintenance tasks must be done more often than others; the general standard is doing these monthly. The monthly tasks include checking your oil, coolant and brake fluid levels. For some other maintenance needs, we recommend you check double tire pressure and windshield washer fluid and that you do not need to replace your headlights. A maintenance check is also required for your wiper blades. They should be cleaned monthly. These things can help your car’s lifespan, but it will also make it easier when you need to do more significant maintenance tasks.

Quarterly Maintenance

For some maintenance, you only have to do it every several months. These things depend on your car type but, on average, are around the same time frame. You should change your oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. Checking your power steering fluid should happen at least once every quarter throughout the year, totaling four times a year. To keep your car’s batteries healthy and in perfect condition, you should check your vehicle battery every six months or every 6,000 miles. Generally, we recommend you take your car quarterly for a maintenance check from your mechanic. If you struggle to find a trusted mechanic, our team of professionals can handle any car maintenance check you need.

Annual Maintenance

There are a few maintenance checks you should consider doing once a year, depending on your annual mileage (those who drive more than average miles might need to have these things looked at more often). These tasks aren’t nearly as frequent but still are helpful for the health of your car. We recommend writing these down and completing them in the same appointment, so they are not forgotten. These maintenance tasks include flushing your coolant, checking your spark plugs, changing your engine and air cabin filters, checking your brake and wheel bearings, and having your mechanic inspect the steering and suspension.

Trust Our Team

Although these car maintenance tasks may seem overwhelming and unimportant, we encourage you to take your car maintenance seriously. It will prevent your car from breaking down and save you money in the long run. Our team of professionals is devoted to educating our customers on their vehicles. Call us today to schedule a car check-up!